Education & Training


  • Tilok Chand Jain High School, Indore . 1956


  • First Year from Holkar College, Indore. 1957
  • Second Year from Government Science College, Gwalior. 1958


  • Gajra Raja Medical College, Gwalior . 1963
  • Was taught by renowned Medical Teachers : Profs. B.N.B.Rao, P.N. Laha, L.Pathak,I.P.Agarwal, B.P.Saxena N.P.Benawri, S.L.Agarwal, A.H.Firdausi, At Graduation in 1963
  • Had participated in almost all spheres of activitiesProf. Rao With my cvlass fellows – Jawahar Dar, MK Magazine, R Sabharwal, JP Wali, VK Singhal  and their sweet wives – 2012


  • General Secretary GR Medical College, Gwalior
  • President Indian Medical Students Association, India
  • President Greater Gwalior Students Association
  • Secretary, Clinical Society of GR Medical College, Gwalior
  • Class Representative


  • Captain Indian Games XI
  • Represented College XI in Hockey, Football, Volley Ball, Table Tennis
  • Represented Gwalior XI in Scindia Gold Cup Hockey Tournament


  • Won Best Actor’s Prize for three Years
  • Won Best Actor’s Prize in All India Scindia Cultural Contest
  • Won First Prize in Debates & Declamations


  • M.S. – ( Master of Surgery)
  • P. G. I..M. E. R., Chandigarh 1966
  • Was trained by renowned surgeons:  Profs. S.S.Anand, I.C. Pathak, V.K. Saini, D.R. Gulati, B.L. Talwar, Kuldip Singh, D.S. Grewal, C. Balakrishnan, C.P. Sawhni, M. Valiathan and others.


  • F.R.C.S. – Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • F.R.C.S. – Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow
  • F.A.C.S –  American College of Surgeons
  • F.A.M.S.  – National Academy of Medical Sciences
  • F.I.C.S.  – International College of Surgeons
  • F.A.I.S.  – Association. of Surgeons of India.
  • F.I.A.M.S. I.M.A. –  Indian Academy of Medical Specialists
  • Fellow  – New York Academy of Sciences, New York, USA
  • Fellow of U.I.C.C Union International Cancer Control, Switzerland
  • Fellow of W.H.O


  • Senior House Surgeon  – P. G. I..M. E. R., Chandigarh for one year
  • Resident in Surgery –  P. G. I..M. E. R., Chandigarh for two years
  • Registrar in Surgery  – P. G. I..M. E. R., Chandigarh for three yrs
  • Advanced Training in Surgery  – Under Prof.A.K.Basu at PGI, Calcutta
  • Advanced training in Hepato-Biliary Malignancy  – UICC Fellow at Royal Postgraduate M edical School & Hammersmith Hospital, London with Prof. R.C.N.Williamson
  • Advanced Training in Hepato – Biliary Surgery  – WHO Fellow * Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre , New York with Prof. Blumgart ** Kings College , London with Prof. I.Benjamin