Winners of Breast Cancer




For some good 15 years of my life as a kid, I wanted to become a doctor, emulating my father, Dr. S.M. Bose, one of India’s most well-known surgeons. The fame, adulation, appreciation and the respect he garnered was tremendous; for a young mind like mine, it was maybe not easy to comprehend then, the years and decades of hard work, discipline, focus and sacrifice that went behind into achieving all of that. However, as destiny planned, I went on to become an architectural journalist, probably the first architect in India to have taken up architectural journalism as a full-time profession after my B.Arch. degree.

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Dr S M Bose is an oncologist and has been interested in the management of breast cancer for the past four decades. His book ” WINNERS OF BREAST CANCER: Stories of Courage, Grit, and Hope” is a collection of 16 inspiring narratives of breast cancer patients and their courageous fight with cancer and life. Dr Bose shares with us idea behind the writing of the book.

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