Advanced cancer of left breast in a lady of 53 yrs, had met several surgeons for 2 yrs , but labelled unfit for surgery as she had only one lung , her left lung had not developed since birth .After proper counselling, she was given chemotherapy for four cycles , the response was moderate. Operated upon, had excision of all the involved tissues and skin grafting , much more than what is removed in classical Radical mastectomy. Because of her poor condition she could not be subjected for further plastic reconstruction.

She was followed with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy . She remained disease free for 7 years, developed local recurrence, which was excised , 2 years later again developed malignant subcutaneous nodules at a few places, was put on chemotherapy orally , responded well and she is presently disease free, her whole body MRI metastasis work up does not show any evidence of disease.

Another Case of Advanced Breast Cancer Treated By Extended Radical Mastectomy Advanced Breast Cancer in a elderly malnourished lady with gross infection. Infection Controlled, Pre-op.
Chemotherapy Followed by Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy& Hormone therapy Total treatment finished in 6 months .