Infection of breast tissue , particularly in a lactating mother is a problematic issue. The age old treatment followed by all surgerons consist of antibiotics, incision and drainage of pus and regular dressings. This leads to a painful, prolonged period of illness, necessiating stopping of breast feeding to the child , mutilation of the breast and many other related problems.

Dr.Bose has been treating breast abscess cases in a different manner, drainage of pus by aspirations and antibiotics.

This has given excellent results, no painful dressings, breast contour remains good, breast feeding can continue, Depending upon the size of abscess cavity, aspiration has been done 2 to 5 times for complete cure of the problem . The procedure has been appreciated greatly both by the patient and the surgeons himself.

A very large sized breast abscess in a lady treated with Aspiration Technique Pus being aspirated , almost pain free procedure First Aspiration – 500 ml of thick pus BENIGN BREAST DISEASE

Total Colectomy in a young man , has been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for long opened up specimen – showing extensive diease Large Multi Nodular Goitre of long duration Specimen – Total Thyroidectomy

To start with the patient had been very apprehensive about the mutilation of her figure; but now feels extremely happy and satisfied with the cosmetic outlook and feels as if her breast has not been operated upon.